UAV_thrust_stand3Optimize your motor/propeller combinations easily at home with the  Thrust Stand. This precision measuring device is a must have for Fixed UAV users. The Thrust Stand can handle a variety of motors from small to large. As this stand can measure up to 5 kg of thrust, it has been designed to be ultra rugged. All components including the heavy duty mounting base are made from CNC machined aluminum alloy. Holes in the base mean it can be secured to a table or work bench with screws for the ultimate security. High precision linear bearings and thrust sensor gives highly accurate thrust readings down to the gram. Included in the box is two different size motor mount adapters to take anything from ultra small, all the way up to 56mm outrunnermotors. A bright, back lit LCD screen displays the thrust measurement for easy viewing.

Requirment :

The technical requirement for a mobile engine test rig capable of rapid deployment that would be able to functionally test small engines(electric and gas) used in un-manned air-vehicles (UAV). The test rig had to be ruggesdised, simple to operate and require the minimum of external connections. Wiring links between the control room and engine test facility had to be minimal with the option of connection up to 50metres distance. The safety aspects of the engine test facility has to be addressed with proper net housing.


The Integrated Engine Test Facility was made up of 2 distinct modules for ease of transport and ultimate deployment.

  • Engine Test Frame
  • Data Logging and Control Rack with computer and customised software

These two are the key deliverable of the UAV Engine Mobile Test Rig 

Key Features 

  • Entry of operator, engine details.
  • Various motor mounts for all types of motor
  • Rapid loading of engine to test fixture.
  • Automated start facility for engines
  • Minimum of external services required.
  • Automatic save to file that can be read into a spreadsheet for later analysis.
  • Adjustable hight of the  motor mount  and mobile test rig
  • Beautifully machined from CNC aluminum alloy
    • Thrust rails supported by dual linear bearings
    • Large LCD screen displays thrust in a variety of measurement units
    • Large and small motor mount adapters included
    • Heavy duty mounting base includes mouting holes for utmost security

Specs: Motor Size: 12mm~56mm Max Thrust Value: 5000g Unit Increments: 1g/.001oz Accuracy: +/- 10g/.001oz Power Supply: 3V (2 x AA Batteries) Weight: 510gDimensions: 196x117x108 Unit Increments: 1g/.001ozUnit Increments: 1g/.001oz

Motor Test parameters:

  • Thrust
  • RPM of motor
  • RPM of propeller
  • Motor Input power