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Industrial grade UAV for Surveillance, Aerial mapping and Structural Inspection


40 min






10000 ft MSL


36 km/hr

Wind Resistance

3-4 m/s

Payload:Professional Gyro stabilized PTZ Gimbal 

spidex gimbal


  • PAN 360 degrees continuous
  • TILT 180 degrees +/-
  • Gyro Stabilized
  • Light weight
  • Modular

Sensor type: Day

  • Zoom 10X
  • Auto focus through zoom, 
  • Video Pixel: 300W, 1920(H) X1080(V)
  • Picture Pixel: 1920 x 1200
  • Video output: AV: 1080p, 30FPS, CVBS, HDMI: 720P 60FPS

Day camera

Sensor type: Night

  • Thermal FLIR(640×512,/ 320×256)
  • Zoom 4X
  • Frame Rate: 7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)

Night camera

GCS: Ground Control Station 

  • Mission Control Software on rugged Windows Laptop(IP67)
  • Waypont Navigation
  • Payload control from GCS
  • Live Video Monitoring Station using a standard AV video monitor*
  • Live Video recording at GCS
  • Power Supply for GCS

Flying Characteristics:

  • Range : 3 Km
  • Endurance : 30 Min+
  • Accuracy : Within 3 m of the waypoint
  • Speed : 18 – 36 Km/hr
  • Operating Altitude: 1000 ft (AGL), 10,000ft (MSL)

Physical Specifications:

  • Size : 550mm (motor to motor)
  • Arm Length : 600 mm
  • Height : 250 mm
  • Flying Weight : 2500 g

Launch and Recovery:

  • Vertical Take-off and Landing (manual or auto) Manual or Auto Landing depending on the wind conditions prevailing during mission.
  • 5mx5m clearance is required to launch the craft.

Ground Control Station:

  • Mission Control Software on rugged Windows Laptop
  • Live Video Monitoring Station using a standard AV video monitor*
  • Live Video  recording at GCS
  • Power Supply for GCS
  • *Screen: 7 inch TFT LCD with Built-in 5.8GHz Dual Diversity receiver automatically for best reception and TF card slot support TF card unto 32GB and AV output and 1CH AV input


  • Vertical Take Off and Landing(VTOL)
  • Can be programmed for up to 300 Waypoints
  • Can loiter over the subject at any waypoint
  • Can Manually Override at any stage
  • Can activate/deactivate any payload from the GCS
  • Auto payload activation on reaching the waypoint
  • Built in Failsafe: LAND or Return to Launch
  • GCS controlled navigation lights

Standard Package Contents:

  • Spidex 600 MK1 1 Nos
  • Battery 2 Nos
  • Video Receiver and Screen with Antenna
  • Microprocessor based intelligent Battery Charger
  • Radio Control Transmitter
  • Mini Tool Kit
  • Backpack
  • Rugged Laptop/ Tablet with GCS Software (Optional)
  • Auto Antenna Tracker (optional)

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