UAV Topographic Survey

EDALL SYSTEMS,  provides service  in the field of  image processing support, generate 3 point cloud from aerial images with the help of ground control points , providing various GIS based  Out put. We are providing this service for  land audit, Town planning, Irrigation,Industrial Area survey.

Outputs :

  • Orthomosaic
  • Contour
  • 3D Model
  • Digital Surface Model
  • Digital Terrain model ( By removing trees and buildings).


Railway Corridor Survey And Inspection

Mapping of railway corridor makes easy for the development of projects easy and with the help of drones.

  • Validation of Track Center and alignment
  • Power line crossings.
  • Over line Structures.
  • Retaining Walls.
  • Electrifying of Tracks.


  • Orthomosaic
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Auto cad 2D &3D
  • Time based  video inspection

Sample Orthomosaic

Mining Survey

  • Accurate, georeferenced DSM’s.
  • Volume measurements.
  • Resource Calculations.
  • Digitize models.
  • Mine development report
  • Structural and terrain analysis.
  • Iteration mapping and target generation.

Sample Report:

Sand mining 

Mine Topography Survey

Road Corridor mapping

Road Corridor Mapping Makes easy for

  • Alignment of Divider.
  • Overline structures.
  • Boundaries
  • Electric lines for Street Lights
  • Expansion of roads.
  • Power lines crossings.

Sample Out Put:

Highway UAV Survey

UAV/Drone  Based structural Inspection

Cell tower:

  • Rust/Corrosion
  • Antenna Labels
  • Missing Bolts
  • Mount Analysis
  • Equipment Status Checks
  • Basic Site Overview
  • Weather Damage
  • Birds Nest
  • Installation Verification
  • Antenna Real Estate

Solar Panel

  • Cracked Caulk
  • Shingles that are buckling
  • Cracked rubber boots in vent pipe.
  • Creating orthomosaic photos which can import
  • In AutoCAD for dimensions for solar roofing